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CIBC Mellon is recognized globally as a Canadian leader in asset servicing, and great people help set our company apart.

We are a diverse and dynamic workplace where employees take an active role in delivering on strategic objectives while advancing their individual career goals. We encourage innovative thinking and give our employees the support and resources they need to turn great ideas into actions.

Our talented employees are one of CIBC Mellon’s most important assets: we know that investing in recruiting, retaining, motivating and engaging our team helps set our company, clients and stakeholders up for success. Our culture of excellence, client focus, teamwork, and integrity encourages CIBC Mellon employees to be community leaders, champions of learning, and advocates of inclusion.

We reward and recognize productive people, provide a compelling total rewards offering, and create opportunities for employees to thrive. Employee engagement is a central pillar of our corporate goals: we work to foster an environment that encourages creativity, personal and professional growth, and making a positive difference for our communities — all while having a little fun together along the way.


Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility

We empower employees to make a positive difference in the communities where we live and work.  Our CSR program is employee-focused, employee-led and employee-driven.

Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification

Inspired Workspaces: For Our Team and Our World

Employee comfort and wellbeing is always a priority at CIBC Mellon. By moving our corporate headquarters to 1 York Street in Toronto, we were able to combine aspects that enhance both employee wellbeing and environmental sustainability.

Maple Tam, Chief Human Resources Officer

Message from Maple Tam

Chief Human Resources Officer

At CIBC Mellon, great people set our company apart. Our talented employees are critical to achieving our vision: we know that investing in recruiting, retaining, motivating and engaging the brightest in the industry helps position our company, clients and stakeholders for success. It’s with the effort and contribution of our team that CIBC Mellon strives to be Canada’s leader in asset servicing.

CIBC Mellon’s exceptional employee experience is defined by its culture. Driven by our vision and values, employees are empowered and given the tools and resources to make a meaningful impact, both in and outside of the workplace. Reinforced by our commitments to corporate social responsibility and lifelong learning, CIBC Mellon offers opportunities for continuous growth, which are backed by a competitive total rewards package that focuses on employee wellbeing in its entirety.

Whether you are a seasoned professional or a future leader in financial services, joining our company means being a part of a team of engaged individuals whose thoughts, ideas and opinions matter. I invite you to view our job postings where you will find many exciting opportunities to grow and thrive in a dynamic environment.


Maple Tam's signature

Maple Tam's biography

Total Rewards

Total Rewards at CIBC Mellon

CIBC Mellon’s Total Rewards program is a comprehensive package of both monetary and non-monetary rewards that focuses on employee wellbeing in its entirety across five pillars:

Community and Environment

A firm believer in doing well by doing right, CIBC Mellon has a strong corporate social responsibility program. We are committed to making a positive difference in the communities in which we live and work, and we provide CIBC Mellon employees with special programs and incentives to support their efforts. Some examples include:

  • Employee-driven fundraising and volunteering, including paid time off for employees to volunteer in teams during regular workplace hours.
  • Student scholarship awards
  • Donations of up to $1,500 in recognition of employees' personal volunteering efforts through our Ambassador Program
  • Women’s Initiatives Network
  • Diversity Committee
  • Read our Corporate Responsibility Review to learn more.

Learning and Achievement

CIBC Mellon actively invests in employee growth. We offer a wide selection of learning and development programs that support an environment of continuous learning and improvement. We believe in life-long learning, and we support employees as they build their skills, their knowledge, and their careers at CIBC Mellon. We also work hard to recognize productive people as they help move our business forward. Our learning and recognition programs include:

  • Tuition Assistance Program
  • Skills for Your Success workshop series
  • CIBC Mellon Acumen program designed to help employees better understand our business, industry and clients
  • Thousands of e-Learning courses
  • Leadership Development Program, with courses for emerging leaders and senior leaders
  • Job Shadow Program
  • Mentorship programs
  • Peers’ Choice Awards
  • MyIdeas program to foster and celebrate innovation
  • President’s Leadership Award
  • MyRecognition peer-to-peer recognition program
  • Years of Service Awards


CIBC Mellon helps employees achieve work-life balance through a catalogue of perks, discounts, and work-life resources, including a host of in-office activities, events and opportunities that help our team build and strengthen connections with colleagues. Working at CIBC Mellon will give you access to:

  • Generous vacation and personal time allowances
  • Employee discounts on financial services plus products and services form more than 1,200 national brands and local businesses
  • Health and wellbeing support services
  • Company-paid emergency back-up childcare program
  • Informative workshops


Aside from our competitive savings and retirement packages, CIBC Mellon offers an annual Short-Term Incentive Plan that supports our performance-based culture by aligning business goals, performance, and rewards.


Understanding that each employee has a unique health and wellness profile, CIBC Mellon offers tools and resources built on the principles of flexibility, choice and sustainability, which include our FlexChoice health and dental plan. Our commitment to health and wellness at work also includes an array of programs, activities and resources, including our annual employee wellness fair, our walk/run club and regular deliveries of fresh fruit.

CIBC Mellon's Vision and Values

CIBC Mellon's Vision

To be the leader in asset servicing, delivering global solutions in Canada through client-focused service excellence.

CIBC Mellon's Values

Our values guide our employees in their day to day efforts to meet, and whenever possible, exceed the expectations of our clients.

Client Focus – Putting the client at the centre of all that we do.

Integrity – Acting with the highest ethical standards for our company, our employees and our clients.

Teamwork – Fostering collaboration and diversity to empower employees to build relationships and deliver insights.

Excellence – Setting the standard for leading-edge solutions, innovation and continuous improvement.

Doing Well by Doing Right

Corporate social responsibility at CIBC Mellon

Corporate social responsibility helps CIBC Mellon deliver better results for our clients, our colleagues and our communities.

We believe success is measured not only by how we perform financially, but also by our willingness to take responsibility for the impact of our actions - on clients, employees, shareholders, partners, our communities and the environment.

We believe that by acting with responsibility, care and commitment at all times, we can make a positive difference in our communities, motivate our employees and serve our clients more effectively.

Learn more by downloading our most recent overview of: Corporate Social Responsibility at CIBC Mellon.

Social finance: from ESG to SRI

According to BNY Mellon research, social finance refers to any investment activity that generates financial returns and includes social and environmental impact. Social finance encompasses diverse investment strategies and products across asset classes that deliver a range of risk-adjusted returns and align with different investor motivations and goals. Social finance includes four primary strategies: socially responsible investing (SRI), environmental finance, development finance and impact investing.

Social finance impacts are already emerging via investor demands and regulatory changes. In particular, pension plan sponsors are now beginning to investigate considerations of environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors.

Environmental Sustainability at CIBC Mellon

Employee comfort and wellbeing is always a priority at CIBC Mellon. By moving our corporate headquarters to 1 York Street in Toronto, we were able to combine aspects that enhance both employee wellbeing and environmental sustainability. Our team cares about the environment, whether it be the environment found in our office or in nature. We have realized a number of environmental sustainability benefits since moving to the new location, including:

    • 18 per cent reduction in light energy
    • 46.79 per cent reduction in water use
    • 87.6 per cent of waste diversion from the landfill
    • 41.9 per cent of construction materials included recycled content
    • 91 per cent of the wood-based products used in construction were Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified
    • 61 per cent of the materials used in building the office were manufactured regionally

CIBC Mellon’s Toronto headquarters is pursuing a Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification. LEED is a third-party program that authenticates that a building adheres to strategies that enhance and improve human and environmental health.

Read the case study to learn more about CIBC Mellon and its green and sustainable office environment.



We're proud of our efforts to engage employees, make a positive difference in our communities, and make CIBC Mellon a place where great people want to be.  In addition to numerous financial services industry honours, we are regularly recognized for our great employee experience.  Recent awards include being named among the Achievers 50 Most Engaged Workplaces in North America, earning a Canadian HR Award for "Best Reward and Recognition Strategy" and being highly commended at the Employee Engagement Awards in the "Social Responsibility Project of the Year" category.

View CIBC Mellon's awards

Day in the life at CIBC Mellon

A Day in the Life at CIBC Mellon

CIBC Mellon employees share their experiences, career successes and tips for applicants

We believe that our engaged employees are one of CIBC Mellon's most important assets. Engaging employees is one of our core corporate goals, and we are always working to make CIBC Mellon a place where talented people choose to start and build their careers.

We're friendly, diverse and professional, and are recognized as a leader in client service excellence. We offer an array of opportunities, and our growing business means we continue to work hard to recruit and promote committed people who share our commitment to doing well by doing right.

Employee Engagement at CIBC Mellon

The CIBC Mellon Community Report

Explore CIBC Mellon's community report to learn more about our great employee experience.

Dedication to Diversity at CIBC Mellon

Dedication to Diversity

Powered by diverse ideas and experiences

At CIBC Mellon, we understand that attracting and retaining a diverse team of employees who reflect the communities in which we live and work is a vital component to our success.  We strongly value different perspectives and have built our corporate brand on a foundation of respect and fairness.  Our employees are encouraged to celebrate their diversity continuously, and are given the opportunity to promote their unique characteristics at the annual employee-driven Diversity Showcase.

Our diverse makeup contributes to a rich workplace where employees value exchanging creative ideas, engaging in unique problem solving, and collaborating to enhance the way we serve our clients.  We believe that by creating an inclusive culture, we will attract the best and the brightest.

By removing barriers to success, including through our Accessibility Program and commitment to Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities training, we will build a motivated and committed team that will drive our core focus: helping our clients achieve their investment goals by offering the best service and products available.

Employee Engagement at CIBC Mellon

Strength in Diversity

We know that building a vibrant culture of inclusion creates a stronger, smarter and more successful company. Read more about our commitment to diversity in our community report.

Read Our Community Report (PDF)

Students and recent graduates at CIBC Mellon

Recent Graduates

CIBC Mellon offers a great environment to begin and grow your career. 

Entry Level Positions

Working full-time in an entry level role gives you access to our various learning opportunities, such as the Job Shadow program, the Mentorship program and a library of e-Learning and classroom training opportunities.  Each of these programs is designed to help you explore different career paths, find out what you enjoy doing most, and start you on the road to success. 

Hiring graduates right out of college and university has been a positive experience for us, one that has contributed to achieving our business objectives and one that we will continue to practice.  The team at CIBC Mellon is committed to life-long learning, and we want you to grow with us!

One of our most popular entry level positions is fund accounting, and we almost always have a need for talented fund accountants.  To find out which entry level opportunities are currently available, visit our career opportunities page.

Applying for career opportunities at CIBC Mellon

Job Applicant FAQs and Interview Tips

How to apply for career opportunities at CIBC Mellon

What is the best way to express interest in a position at CIBC Mellon?

Applying online is the fastest and most efficient way to express interest in an opportunity at CIBC Mellon. Conduct a job search to find out more about our current openings.

Why should I take the time to register and create a profile?

By registering and creating your personal candidate profile, you can choose to receive alerts when new jobs are being posted. When you register with CIBC Mellon, you can post your resume electronically, update your personal job profile, maintain your contact information, identify job preferences, and keep track of jobs you’ve applied for.

How often are job postings updated?

CIBC Mellon job postings are updated on a weekly basis.

How do I search for a job?

There are several ways to go about a job search on our job listings page. You can search by keyword and you can use any combination of the pull-down filters.

After I have submitted a resume and applied to a position, when will I hear back from CIBC Mellon?

If you have the qualities and experience that we are looking for in a candidate, a recruiter will contact you to schedule a preliminary phone interview. If your response to one or more qualifying questions indicates that you do not have the minimum qualifications, you will not be contacted.

What if I forgot my username and password?

If you forgot your password, please click "Forgot your password?"  My profile section and the information will be sent to the e-mail address associated with your profile. If you are experiencing technical difficulties with the reset of a user name or password, contact Njoyn Technical Support at 1 877-427-7717 or use the link at left.  

The interview

A multi-stage process

As part of our commitment to hire talented employees who can help make a meaningful difference for our clients and our company, candidates should look forward to demonstrating their strengths across several conversations, typically including a phone screening, initial interview with our recruiters and one or more meetings with the hiring manager(s).  

Preparing and Presenting

  • Prior to your interview, please take time to review our website and learn more about CIBC Mellon.  Be sure to explore our careers page and carefully review the job description of the position for which you are interviewing. 
  • Be sure to plan enough time for your commute to our office so you can arrive on time. 
  • Dress in professional business attire – you want to put your best foot forward.  
  • Bring a copy of your resume and be prepared to answer questions about your past experiences, successes and challenges.
  • When you are asked a situational question, answer the question in three steps: Describe the situation that you were in, describe the actions that you took, and the end result.

Getting to Know You

Candidates for our junior roles can expect both behavioral questions and technical questions. We want to know about you, how you work, and how you interact in a team.  We also want to explore your education and technical capabilities to better understand how you might be able to contribute to the role and to our company.  Below are a few examples:

  • Why did you choose to apply to CIBC Mellon?
  • Give me an example of an important goal that you set for yourself and describe your progress in reaching that goal?
  • How do you calculate a NAV?
  • What are corporate actions?
  • How would you solve X challenge using Microsoft Excel?

More experienced candidates can expect questions focused on their leadership skills, innovative thinking and their ability to deliver for clients. Below are a few examples:

  • What are a few of your most innovative accomplishments?
  • How have you demonstrated an awareness of risk in past decision making?
  • What are some initiatives that you’ve implemented?
  • Describe a challenge or conflict you have overcome, and the strategies you used to do so.
  • How can you lead others to achieve a vision?