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CIBC Mellon Trust Company - Regulatory Disclosures

The following information relates to CIBC Mellon Trust Company (CMTC) which is a federally regulated financial institution, and supervised by the Office of the Superintendent of Financial Institutions Canada (OSFI). For regulatory capital purposes, CMTC has elected to apply the basic indicator approach for operational risk and the standardized approach for credit risk. CMTC is a privately and jointly held company of CIBC and BNY Mellon. The following disclosure is based on its regulatory capital disclosure, and is not considered proprietary.

CMTC manages risk within tolerance levels established by our management committees and approved by the Board of Directors and its committees. This risk assessment is performed in conjunction with an assessment of CMTC’s capital position to support current and future activities. CMTC’s risk management program is administered by a separate, independent risk management group and is achieved through a comprehensive framework of measurement, monitoring and control policies, procedures and standards. In addition, key risk management policies are approved or renewed by the applicable board and management committees regularly. CMTC does not actively grant credit but manages the credit risk associated with its investment portfolio through its credit risk management policy and the asset and liability committee (ALCO). 

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