CIBC Mellon Legal and Regulatory Matters

CIBC Mellon’s Commitment to Human Rights

Respecting Human Rights

CIBC Mellon is committed to the protection and preservation of human rights.

Our commitment to human rights is embedded in the culture and values that define our company and is reflected in our policies and actions toward our employees, suppliers, clients and the communities where we do business. CIBC Mellon maintains and enforces an environment where people are treated fairly in the workplace regardless of personal characteristics, such as age, gender, disability, race/ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, and family or marital status.

We strive to create an environment of integrity and respect for all individuals. We are a company where employees are encouraged to make their voices heard and we recognize that new ideas and business success flourish in a culture of collaboration, creativity and employee empowerment. CIBC Mellon employees are engaged, professional and care about each other and their communities, and as such we do not tolerate corruption, discrimination, harassment or forced or child labour in any form.

We are committed to an inclusive, safe and ethical workplace as demonstrated within our Code of Conduct and our other corporate and human resources policies. CIBC Mellon complies with Canada’s Charter of Rights and Freedoms and all Canadian laws concerning employment and individuals’ rights.

As responsible corporate citizens, we work with clients, suppliers, charities and other stakeholders to encourage cultural, economic and social development.