Investment Strategies, Technology and Operation Models in Focus: Canadian Pension Research from In Search of New Value

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Feature Article for ACPM The Observer

May 2021

Canadian pensions’ far-sighted approach has provided some protection from the disruption caused by COVID-19; most plans have the time and the space they need to work through the immediate impacts of the pandemic on short-term returns. Canadian pension plans, funds and their managers continue to be seen as industry leaders within Canadian financial services markets and across the globe. The “Canadian model” of jointly trusteed, shared risk, strongly-governed modern defined benefit plans continues to find rising awareness on the global pension stage.

Canada’s pension plans are dealing with familiar challenges, including an aging population, longer life expectancies, finite resources, a sustained low interest environment, and evolving regulatory requirements. For some, these pressures are further magnified amid uneven global economic prospects and rapidly shifting markets. In this difficult environment, pension plan leaders are thinking carefully about what is needed to maintain confidence in their ability to meet their long-term obligations – above all, to fund pension payments to their members.

Across the many available choices, Canadian pension plans continue to take their obligations seriously, to work to continuously refine their investment, technology and operations models, and to work relentlessly to deliver the right outcomes for their underlying plan members and stakeholders.

This article originally appeared in ACPM The Observer, "In Search of New Value: How Canadian Pension Plan Investment Managers Are Preparing For A Post-Covid-19 Environment."

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