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     United Way Spirit Awards 2014 Winner


    Corporate social responsibility helps CIBC Mellon deliver better results for our clients, our colleagues and our communities.


    We believe success is measured not only by how we perform financially, but also by our willingness to take responsibility for the impact of our actions - on clients, employees, shareholders, partners, our communities and the environment.


    We believe that by acting with responsibility, care and commitment at all times, we can make a positive difference in our communities, motivate our employees and serve our clients more effectively.


    Learn more by downloading our 2012 corporate social responsibility review


    Our CSR structure

    CIBC Mellon’s nine CSR committees and their areas of focus:

    • Corporate Social Responsibility Steering committee - Overall strategy and direction for CIBC Mellon’s CSR activities.
    • Governance and Ethics CSR committee – Promotes the highest standards of ethical practice and good governance to employees.
    • Community volunteering CSR committee – Organizes and supports volunteering in the community during workplace hours.
    • Environmental Sustainability CSR committee - Builds and executes on strategies to reduce our environmental footprint.
    • Employees CSR committee – Develops programs to help make CIBC Mellon a more responsible employer.
    • Clients and Products CSR committee – Seeks opportunities to engage with clients and vendors through social responsibility.
    • Women’s Initiatives Network – Professional development and mentorship for women and men at CIBC Mellon.
    • Employee Social committee – Organizes company social events and sports teams.
    • United Way committee – Organizes and executes CIBC Mellon’s annual fundraising campaign for United Way.



    Messages from CSR leaders


    "Being a responsible corporate citizen isn’t just good for the community, it’s good for our business as well. Our corporate social responsibility program helps us recruit, retain and inspire our employees. It motivates our clients in a competitive, socially conscious marketplace. It helps us use resources more efficiently, and provides opportunities for us to help our clients to do the same. It helps us support the causes that matter most to our employees, our clients and our communities.


    Employee participation in our CSR programs is stronger than ever: last year, more than 10 per cent of our employees played an active role in one of our CSR committees, nearly 40 per cent of employees supported a local charity through our workplace volunteering program, and more than 90 per cent of employees participated in a workplace fundraiser like our annual United Way campaign.


    With dedicated employee volunteers guiding, driving and measuring our efforts, and the commitment of all of our employees to work to exceed expectations every day, I am confident that we will build on our progress to date and become an even more responsible company in the years ahead."

    Tom Monahan, President and CEO, CIBC Mellon



    "CIBC Mellon and its employees are passionate supporters of United Way. From volunteering with many of our agencies to their highly-successful annual employee fundraising campaign, CIBC Mellon's employees are a fantastic example of how corporate engagement can make a positive difference for our communities."

    Susan McIsaac, President and CEO, United Way Toronto


    "Through social responsibility programs at CIBC Mellon, passionate employee volunteers are making a real difference for their colleagues, our company, and the communities where we live and work.  From organizing workplace volunteering activities to creating meaningful networking events to promoting the highest ethical standards on a daily basis, passionate employee CSR volunteers help deliver on CIBC Mellon’s commitments to continuous improvement and to corporate citizenship.


    Empowering employees through CSR helps foster creativity, engagement and best practices across our company – which means better results for clients, employees and communities. Looking forward, we will continue to build and expand our programs to respond to feedback from employees and other stakeholders, reinforce our culture of commitment and strengthen our community partnerships with numerous worthy not-for-profit partners.  CIBC Mellon and its employees remain firmly committed to doing well by doing right - today and in the future."

    Brent Merriman, Chair of CIBC Mellon’s Corporate Social Responsibility Steering Committee



    Doing well by doing right



    We hold more than $1.2 trillion of assets on behalf of corporations, pension plans, mutual funds and other institutional investors – a substantial portion of all the investable assets in Canada.  We recognize the importance of our business to Canada’s financial markets, and that we must deliver on the trust placed in us by clients each and every day.


    We are committed to doing business at the highest standards of ethics and governance, while always maintaining compliance with all applicable legislation. We are committed to strong ethical practices and accountability, good governance and integrity within our company at all times.


    Strong controls: our commitment to clients, employees and partners
    We believe we have a critical responsibility to protect our stakeholders by:

    • Measuring, mitigating, managing and reporting our risk.
    • Supporting employees in complying with all relevant laws, regulations and ethical codes of conduct.
    • Providing assurance to our stakeholders that we are acting in accordance with all applicable industry and legal requirements at all times.


    Doing the right thing
    We provide training, education and support programs to help ensure that employees understand and agree to adhere to CIBC Mellon’s polices and procedures, including:

    • Our employee Code of Conduct, which outlines the personal and business guidelines that help safeguard the interests of clients, employees, shareholders and CIBC Mellon.
    • Our Anti-Money Laundering and Anti-Terrorist Financing Policy, which helps employees to be alert for and report unusual transactions according to the requirements contained in applicable proceeds of crime and terrorist financing legislation.
    • Our Privacy and Information Security Policies, which provide guidance to employees in the securing of information under CIBC Mellon’s control.


    Business continuity planning: preparing for the unexpected
    Our commitments to our clients and the market are of the utmost importance, so we work to ensure we are well-prepared to deliver essential services even in unexpected circumstances.  Our business continuity plans are highly flexible, enabling us to respond to different scenarios. We can execute all or a portion of these plans depending on the type, severity and impacts of an event. Planning areas include:

    • Emergency Response – The actions we take in response to a disaster warning or alert in order to minimize or contain negative effects, as well as those to be taken to preserve lives and provide basic services in the immediate aftermath of a disaster impact, for as long as an emergency situation prevails.

    • Incident Management – Our clearly defined and documented plan of action for use at the time of an incident encompasses the key personnel, resources, services and actions needed to implement the incident management process.

    • Business Recovery – The steps to be taken to ensure the resumption of the business within an acceptable timeframe following a disruption.

    • Disaster Recovery / Service Continuity – Planning for recovering and restoring technological infrastructure and capabilities after a serious interruption, as well as the activities associated with the continuing availability and restoration of the IT infrastructure - including systems, data, communications and system-related hardware - required to support critical business functions.


    Regular exercises
    We engage in regular exercises of our plans in order to train employees as well as to validate our strategies, documentation and technology. 


    Offsite recovery centres
    Partnering with an external vendor, we maintain a dedicated recovery data centre as well as a dedicated work area recovery centre. These centres enable the recovery of our critical infrastructure, data and critical business functions. The centres are fully equipped and maintained by CIBC Mellon, and we have exclusive access 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


    Sophisticated communications tools
    Our mass notification tool allows us to contact all our employees using personal and business contact information. Within minutes, we can provide updates to apprise employees of an issue and redirect them to alternate locations. We maintain an update line and an employee-notification website.



    Doing well by doing right



    CIBC Mellon and its employees support more than 100 charities each year – from large organizations like SickKids and Breakfast for Learning to many smaller non-profit organizations, including a few founded by CIBC Mellon employees.


    "CIBC Mellon has been a long-time and generous donor, both corporately and also through their engaged group of employees who are involved in raising funds for SickKids. We are fortunate to have their ongoing support of the Hospital."

    Catherine Hindson-Cox, Associate Director, Corporate Partnerships, SickKids Foundation




    Ambassador program
    Through our Ambassador program, CIBC Mellon directs donations of up to $1,500 in recognition of employees who volunteer 40 or more hours of their personal time with a not-for-profit organization.


    Ambassador recipient profile: Valerie Cunningham-Rother and Care-Alive
    Care-Alive (The Caroline Cunningham Foundation for Epilepsy) was started by Caroline’s family and friends in 2009, after her death from SUDEP (Sudden Unexplained Death in Epilepsy) in 2007, at the age of 32. The goals of the foundation are to care for those living with epilepsy by providing support for individuals and their families and to raise awareness of both Epilepsy and SUDEP.  Valerie Cunningham-Rother, Caroline's sister and a recruiter with CIBC Mellon, volunteers countless hours as the organization's president. CIBC Mellon is proud to support Valerie’s efforts with a $1,500 Ambassador donation to Care-Alive.


    Together In Action workplace volunteering program
    We provide paid time off for teams of employees to volunteer in the local communities during regular business hours – as well as sending a donation to each charity employees choose to support with their volunteering efforts.

    The growth of our workplace volunteering program is among the best examples of how CIBC Mellon brings together employee passion and management support:


    Employee participation in workplace volunteering: by the numbers

    • 2009: 50 participants
    • 2010: 150 participants
    • 2011: 250 participants
    • 2012: 385 participants




    CIBC Mellon employees participate on numerous fundraising teams and events. From raffles to share-the-wealth draws to casual days, CIBC Mellon employees are enthusiastic supporters of charity. 

    • More than 90 per cent of CIBC Mellon’s employees participated in one of our many fundraising activities in 2012.
    • Employees raised more than $295,000 for United Way in 2012.
    • Employees organize numerous casual days, raffles, share-the-wealth draws and pledge drives to raise funds for charities that matter to them.



    Doing well by doing right



    Environmental sustainability at CIBC Mellon
    Sustainability is smart business. Working to reduce our environmental footprint not only means using resources more efficiently, it also supports employee engagement; CIBC Mellon’s employees are passionate about the environment, and their commitment and creativity are the foundation of our ongoing efforts to conduct business in an increasingly sustainable manner.


    CIBC Mellon has an environmental sustainability policy in place, which enforces environmentally responsible procurement, our ongoing commitment to reducing paper usage, and the importance of engaging employees in environmental projects.


    2012 Successes: Reducing our environmental footprint

    • Reducing total paper usage from more than 40 million pages in 2007 to 23.8 million in 2012, a reduction of 41 per cent.  Our business has grown substantially in this time, so on an intensity basis (pages printed to service $1 million in client assets), we have already reduced usage by more than 50 per cent.
    • Continued usage of an “eco-font” which reduces toner usage on pages printed by more than 30 per cent by automatically inserting tiny holes into each letter when a document or e-mail is printed.
    • Diverted more than 85 per cent of waste away from landfill at our Toronto office.
    • Hosted nearly 20 per cent of our employees at our Environmental Sustainability Fair, an internal trade show where clients, vendors and charity partners host booths and mingle with green-minded employees.


    Supporting non-profits that share our green passion
    CIBC Mellon delivers on employees’ passion for the environment by supporting charities based on employees’ research and input. Our green charity partners are both national and local, and include Evergreen, the Nature Conservancy of Canada, Pollution Probe and 10,000 Trees for the Rouge Valley.


    "The Nature Conservancy of Canada (NCC) has been fortunate to count CIBC Mellon as a valued partner for more than five years. In that time, CIBC Mellon has consistently provided NCC with a range of support, including financial donations, volunteer support, and outreach opportunities, all with a view to helping NCC protect Canada’s biodiversity for future generations."

    Dana Kleniewski, Manager, Major Gifts, Ontario Region, Nature Conservancy of Canada



    Doing well by doing right



    Becoming Canada's best asset servicing provider doesn't happen by being the same as everyone else. CIBC Mellon employees care about their work, each other, and their communities. Our great employee experience includes flexibility and choice in work, life, and rewards, because we believe that continuous learning and being flexible remain an employer of choice in an ever-changing world.


    Life resources

    • Employee assistance program: Employees have access to a third-party, confidential services providing advice and resources on a full range of topics, including nutritional consultations, family support services, financial counselling, and more.
    • Lifespeak: In partnership with LifeSpeak Inc., CIBC Mellon offers quarterly on-site workshops on various life topics to support them in managing everyday personal and work challenges. In addition, CIBC Mellon offers live web chats and on-demand videos covering various life topics to support employees in managing everyday work and personal challenges.
    • Emergency back-up childcare: CIBC Mellon provides employees with access to emergency back-up childcare at numerous locations across Canada.
    • Saving for the future: CIBC Mellon provides numerous resources for employees, including a defined contribution (DC) pension plan, employer contributions to a group RRSP, as well spousal RRSP and non-registered savings plan. CIBC Mellon also supports employee retirement planning with a variety of education programs, including retirement seminars and other personal financial education resources.
    • Discount Programs: CIBC Mellon offers employees a wide array of various discounts and other perks including reduced rate mortgages and banking, home and auto insurance, complimentary admission to museums and galleries across Canada, software and many other products and services.



    • President’s Leadership Award: Each year, this formal award provides public and monetary recognition (and a handcrafted sculpture) to an employee who consistently demonstrates exceptional leadership qualities, is passionate about what they do and contributes in a way that inspires and motivates others.
    • Peers’ Choice Award: This formal, quarterly peer-to-peer program recognizes both individual and team efforts which are aligned with CIBC Mellon's core values. A ceremony is held semi-annually to celebrate winners, who receive a monetary prize and a plaque.
    • Postcard recognition program: Employees can show their appreciation for colleagues who demonstrate our corporate values by sending them a postcard. Two randomly-selected recipients each month are awarded a gift card prize.



    • Tuition assistance: employees are eligible to receive up to $2,500 for external industry-related learning.
    • Mentorship program: gives employees the opportunity to connect with senior leaders across the company who can share their knowledge and experience, as well as provide guidance on personal and professional development.
    • Job shadow program: this formal program provides employees with quarterly opportunities to explore and learn about other jobs within CIBC Mellon.
    • United Way Sponsored Employee program: each year we second an employee with full pay to United Way for a 15-week placement. This program gives employees a valuable chance to learn new skills while making a difference for our community.



    • 174 employees received more than $294,000 in tuition assistance
    • 40 graduates from our Leadership Development Program
    • 264 participants in our Skills for Your Success workshops
    • 227 participants in our Activating Change workshops
    • 561 e-learning certificates were granted to our employees