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Trade Talk December 2013

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The Best of Both Worlds

CIBC Mellon is excited to announce the integration of our Toronto securities lending trading desk with BNY Mellon’s network, creating one of the world’s largest securities lending programs, with approximately US$3 trillion of securities available for loan. Find out how you can get the best of both worlds.

Short Selling: Helping to keep markets liquid and on the level

Short selling has drawn considerable controversy in recent years. Critics accuse short sellers of seeking gain by artificially pushing stocks below fundamental prices.  On the other hand, proponents point to positive impacts, arguing that short selling helps generate market liquidity and supports hedging strategies. Read the full article and find out more.

Strength, Prudence: O Canada

There are many great reasons for global investors to consider Canada. In addition to the many desirable investment
opportunities, Canada boasts robust market infrastructure, mature capital markets and a well-deserved reputation
for prudence and good governance. Discover more of what makes Canada a great investment choice.

New Innovative Product Unveiled from BNY Mellon

BNY Mellon, CIBC Mellon's U.S. parent, has announced the launch of the Collateral UniverseSM, the company's suite of second generation collateral management capabilities and solutions.

2014 Calendar

2014 holidays in Canada - CIBC Mellon offices across Canada and Canadian Exchanges are closed on each of the following dates, unless otherwise noted.

This issue by:

  1. Rob Ferguson
  2. Jeff Alexander
  3. Charbel Cheaib
  4. David Linds


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Table of contents The Best of Both Worlds Short Selling: Helping to keep markets liquid and on the level Strength, Prudence: O Canada New Innovative Product Unveiled from BNY Mellon 2014 Calendar
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