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Trade Talk, Fall 2011

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A message from our CEO: The true north, strong and profitable

Canada, it would seem, is hot. In a year rocked by ongoing market volatility and a European tour of sovereign debt crises, the Canadian economy has stood out as the good-news story.  So now the media wants to know  ‘what’s the secret?’

Securities lending market update

The closing days of summer are a good time to look forward at what’s expected this fall in securities lending markets. Our Fall securities lending market update reviews changes in borrower demand and how these can drive revenues in calendar 2012.

The Three “R”s

Schools stress the three Rs, but investors hope to avoid a different three Rs—three possible routes to recession.

Now available: Workbench Mobile for your iPad

As part of our ongoing commitment to provide clients with leading-edge technology that will help them manage and grow their business, CIBC Mellon is pleased to announce the Canadian release of Workbench Mobile for the iPad.  This new app enables our institutional clients to authorize instructions and securely view key reports and account information while on-the-go.

Basel III: update and implications to Canadian investors

Across the globe, organizations are beginning to react to the new, more stringent regulations required as a result of the incoming Basel III international regulatory standards for bank capital adequacy and liquidity.  Canadian regulators, working closely with the Basel Committee and the Bank for International Settlements, are looking to Canadian financial institutions to act responsibly and continue making prudent decisions.

A new independent assurance report on CIBC Mellon’s internal controls that impact client financial reporting

In order to align with new Canadian and international assurance engagement standards, CIBC Mellon is replacing the Section 5970 audit report with a new “Service Organization Control Report”.  This new report will cover the 2011 calendar year, and will be made available to all CIBC Mellon clients and their auditors.

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Tom Monahan

Jeffrey Alexander

Avery Shenfeld

Kathy Kenny

David Linds

Vivian Law


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Table of contents A message from our CEO: The true north, strong and profitable Securities lending market update The Three "R"s Now available: Workbench Mobile for your iPad Basel III: update and implications to Canadian investors A new independent assurance report on CIBC Mellon's internal controls that impact client financial reporting
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