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Trade Talk - Winter 2010

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A message from our CEO: Enabling growth

As clients shift their attention from stability and cost management to growth and performance, CIBC Mellon remains focused on helping financial institutions execute and support their core strategies: launching innovative financial products, enabling new channels of distribution, and better monitoring and analyzing investment performance.

Getting better all the time

As Lennon and McCartney wrote, “you’ve got to admit it’s getting better.”  As 2010 comes to an end, talk of a double-dip recession, which has always been exaggerated, is rarely to be heard.  But, as the Beatles went on to caution, it’s getting only “a little better all the time,” and investors in 2011 should pay heed to what is still going to be a slow path to global healing.

Economic update

There is so much focus on the various stresses in the global economy, domestic economies, currencies and markets that sometimes the main story is not emphasized enough: we believe that the global economy should remain in a broad sustained expansion for the next several years.

Talking the walk: better communication support for securities lending clients

Agent lenders need to deliver comprehensive and clear information that helps plan sponsors and their internal stakeholders – including boards of directors – make informed decisions about lending programs.

Improved global trade instruction deadlines for cash and securities

CIBC Mellon will be implementing new deadlines for cash and securities trading instructions on January 3, 2011.

Creating an even better investment manager experience

Earlier this year, we asked more than 300 investment managers to rate their experiences with CIBC Mellon across a number of categories.  Feedback was very positive.  More importantly, we received a number of suggestions on how we might better tailor our products and services to meet your evolving needs.

2011 Trade Talk calendar

CIBC Mellon's calendar of 2011 holidays across Canada is now available.

This issue by:

Thomas S. Monahan

Avery Shenfeld
Richard Hoey
Paul Pierce

Jeffrey Alexander

Sheila Munro


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Table of contents A message from our CEO: Enabling growth Getting better all the time Economic update Talking the walk: better communication support for securities lending clients Improved global trade instruction deadlines for cash and securities Creating an even better investment manager experience 2011 Trade Talk calendar
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