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Trade Talk, Spring 2010

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A message from our CEO

The sale of our corporate trust services business allows us to further focus on delivering a market-leading asset servicing experience for our clients.

CIBC Mellon's readiness for G-20 Summit

As a CIBC Mellon client, you can be confident that our people, systems and technologies will be well-prepared for the upcoming G-20 Summit.

How far, how fast?

An upgraded outlook for the Canadian economy this year has made the resumption of interest rate hikes this summer appear to be an odds-on bet. So, now the issue for investors isn't when, but how far and how fast the Bank of Canada will go.

Economic update

The strongest economies in 2010 and 2011 should be those with three characteristics: (1) public policy which places the highest priority on economic growth relative to other objectives, (2) no significant debt overhang and (3) rising productivity of the workforce due to the diffusion of modern technology and business practices.

Spotlight on Pan Asian securities lending conference with Rob Chiuch

Earlier this spring, Rob Chiuch, executive director and head of trading, global securities lending at CIBC Mellon and president of the Canadian Securities Lending Association (CASLA), represented CASLA at the seventh annual Pan Asian Securities Lending Association’s (PASLA) conference in Hong Kong.  In this article, Rob discusses highlights of the conference, the expert panel and his thoughts on CASLA and current market situations.

Realizing value in asset servicing

Events in 2008 shook the financial system to its core and have raised fundamental questions about the ability of market participants to quantify, predict, and control risk. Pension funds are now repositioning themselves to reduce risk and volatility and sponsors are seeking to insulate themselves from market shocks in the future. Asset servicing providers are well-positioned to assist pension funds in this process.

Highlights from the 2010 Workbench user forum

In mid-April, CIBC Mellon hosted its spring 2010 Workbench user forum breakfast session at the TMX Broadcast Centre in Toronto.  The forum focused on a presentation of the Workbench roadmap and a summary of the results from our 2009 Workbench user survey. The forum also provided users with valuable tips and information on how they can enhance their Workbench experience.

This issue by:

Thomas S. Monahan
James Dennison
Avery Shenfeld
Richard B. Hoey
Rob Chiuch
David S. Linds
Jim Atkinson


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Table of contents A message from our CEO CIBC Mellon's readiness for G-20 Summit How far, how fast? Economic update Spotlight on Pan Asian securities lending conference with Rob Chiuch Realizing value in asset servicing Highlights from the 2010 Workbench user forum
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